Say Goodbye To Steel Mill (23 Jan 1971)
Say Goodbye To Steel Mill Dennis88 edit
Date: 23 Jan 1971
Location: The Upstage, Asbury Park, NJ
artwork available
01- SWEET MELINDA [4:20.60]
02- OH MAMA WHY [4:39.42]
03- HE'S GUILTY [8:28.58]

Track 03: very small cut at 6:00

Lineage: CDR Trade ->-> EAC ->-> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Equalization, Normalization, cuts removed) ->-> FLAC Frontend (level 8, allign border sectors & verify)

Notes from info file:
This was uploaded a few months ago. I remastered it, removed some cuts and hiss. The sound has been improved, and this now is a great memory to the last ever Steel Mill concert.


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