Max's Kansas City (10 Aug 1972)
Max's Kansas City
Date: 10 Aug 1972
Location: Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY
Format: DVD
Duration: 8:11
artwork available
01- HENRY BOY [4:30]
02- GROWIN' UP [3:41]

Size: 547 MB
Duration: 8:11
Video: 720x576 50Hz 4:3
Audio: AC3 48000Hz 16bits 2 channels

Generation: N/A
Video: pro-shot
Audio: soundboard
Menu: authored
Chapters: songs

Notes from BruceDVDs:
This DVD contains the recently surfaced complete audio-video takes of Henry Boy and Growin' Up. These takes do not include the introduction of Bruce by Max's owner Mickey Ruskin that is heard in the documentary about John Hammond called "From Bessie Smith to Springsteen". However the version of Growin' Up contains an additional 20 seconds of Bruce chatting at the beginning of the song that was not featured in the documentary. The running time of this DVD is 8 minutes.

Notes from Pete:
This DVD is sourced from my master tape, and includes menus. This DVD was transferred from a copy of the tape that was originally used for the Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen documentary by CBS. The tape transfer was done professionally, so not too much quality was lost.


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