Munich Hotel Appearance (15 May 1993)
Munich Hotel Appearance
Date: 15 May 1993
Location: Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany
Format: DVD

Downloaded from Jungleland

Notes from BruceDVDs:

This remarkably candid footage was shot at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich on the night before a concert in the city. Bruce, Shane Fontayne and Sam Moore join the resident Hetti Schneider Band in the hotel ballroom at what appears to be a wedding reception. Impromptu renditions of 'Lucille' and Twist and Shout' follow.
The filmer ( probably a party guest) struggles among the crowd on the dance floor to get a clear view. Consequently, the video is very shakey with many obstructions. The image is slightly out of focus and suffers from colour saturation, but the audio is reasonable for a camcorder source. On-screen captions and a narrow line of interference at the bottom of the frame are present throughout. The whole things runs for around 18 minutes.

Curious stuff, but hardly essential.