Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History
Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History HOJO Production
Format: DVD
01- Early Years
02- Greetings From The Wild And The Innocent
03- Born To Run, To The River
04- Nebraska
05- Born In The USA
06- Tracks 'The Alternate Route, To The One I Took'
07- Real People, Real Experiences And Real Life

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Notes from BruceDVDs:

'Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History' is a TV documentary that was first broadcast in the UK on the BBC in 1998. It contains an in-depth interview with Bruce that takes place in an Asbury Park bar and his home recording studio. This is interspersed with mostly familiar archive and promo clips. There is also an acoustic 'Born in the USA', performed specially for the documentary film crew.

The source for this 'HOJO Production' is a master SVHS recording of the original airing. It is a significant improvement compared to the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/Secret History' disc, but there is still a small amount of picture grain evident. The aspect ratio is letterboxed widescreen.

A worthwhile upgrade.