Glory Days - The Bruce Springsteen Special (1987)
Glory Days - The Bruce Springsteen Special
Date: 1987
Format: DVD
01- Glory Days Documentary
-- bonus tracks --
02- THUNDER ROAQD [Los Angeles 1985]
03- PROVE IT ALL NIGHT [Phoenix 1978]
04- 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) [London 1975]

Notes from BruceDVDs:

This BBC documentary was first broadcast in 1987. It features a lengthy interview with Bruce as well as individual interviews with members of the band. What makes this special though, is the archive footage. Although some of it is well known (Hammersmith '75, Largo '78, Pheonix '78) it has never been seen in better quality than this. The real star, is footage from the last show of the BITUSA tour in LA in 1985. 'Johnny 99' for instance, is simply stunning.
If that wasn't enough, the extras are fantastic too. 'Thunder Road' from LA '85 is seen in its entirety (part of it is seen during the documentary) and there are two different camera angles of 'Sandy' from Hammersmith '75.

The source for this DVD is a pristine off-air SVHS promo tape, resulting in a transfer as close to broadcast quality as we are ever likely to see.

Thanks Jan

First aired on 12 May 1987