Inside the Tunnel of Love + Rockumentary (1988, 1992)
Inside the Tunnel of Love + Rockumentary
Date: 1988, 1992
Format: DVD
Notes from BruceDVDs:

Here we have two hour long documentaries from MTV, although they run nearer 50 minutes each since the ads have been edited out.
'Inside the Tunnel of Love' (originally broadcast in 1988) features lengthy extracts of an interview backstage on the TOL Tour. Bruce is in a philosophical mood and offers some real insight into the writing and recording of the album. Interspersed with this are a variety of official promo videos and pro-shot live footage, the best of which is from Detroit in March 1988. Unfortunately, the official promos are mostly complete, while the clips from Detroit consist of only a verse or so, rather than the other way around. The whole thing is hosted by Kurt Loder outside various Asbury Park landmarks. It stands alongside 'Glory Days' as the best of all Springsteen documentaries.

'Rockumentary' from 1992 is a retrospective of Bruce's entire career up to that point. Most of the clips are familiar, with a couple of interesting exceptions. These include brief semi-pro footage of a performance at Max Weinberg's wedding (in very good quality), rehearsals in both LA and New York for the HT/LT Tour and pro-shot stage footage from New Jersey and Stockholm from the same tour.

An excellent 1st generation source tape for the transfer to DVD has been used. The colours are a little pale, but the image is mostly sharp and free from any interference (apart from the last couple of minutes of 'Rockumentary'). Overall, definitely one to add to your collection.

01- Inside the Tunnel of Love
02- Rockumentary