[no title] (09 Mar 2012 (pre-show))
[no title] Dannychico version
Date: 09 Mar 2012 (pre-show)
Location: Apollo Theater, New York City, NY
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01- Intro
02- Meg Griffin and Dave Marsh on the Apollo Theater
03- Max Weinberg Interview
04- Max - "No Junior Ginger Bakers"
05- Max - "I Feel Twelve Years Old"
06- Max - Clarence Before a Show
07- Max - Clarence and Lady Gaga
08- Max on the new drum sounds
09- Max - "We Are Alive" a la The Ramones
10- SiriusXM Lovefest
11- Dick Manitoba interview
12- Contest Winners
13- Drew Nieporent interview
14- Last Minute Band Meeting?
15- Jon Landau interview
16- Landau - Keeping Bruce in the Dark on the Sirius broadcast
17- Landau - the Jimmy Fallon Show
18- Landau - Favorite WB Track
19- Landau's intro to You Got It
20- Willie Nile interview
21- Willie Nile - Listening to WB with Bruce in his car
22- Bob Benjamin shoutout
23- Willie Nile - the Band after Clarence
24- Bruce and Race
25- Mel Karmazin speech
26- Jesse Malin interview
27- Malin on Jack of All Trades

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Notes from info file:
For the completists out there, here is the SiriusXM pre-show broadcast that aired before Bruce's historic night at the Apollo. Hosted by Meg Griffin and Dave Marsh, it features some pretty good interviews (particularly Max's), and it's fun to hear the excitement in everyone's voices before this one-of-a-kind show. The hosts lose steam by the end, but the stories and insight from Max, Jon Landau and others make it a worthwhile listen. Officially released material has been excised from the set. - Dannychico

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