Tramps Like Us
Tramps Like Us Duke Street Kings production
Format: DVD
Duration: 1:51:22
artwork available
01- Documentary

Size: 3.87 GB
Duration: 1:51:22
Video: 720x480 60Hz 4:3
Audio: AC3 48000Hz 16bits 2 channels
Chapters: incremental (every 5 minutes)

The documentary is about 50 minutes. The rest is just a blue screen.

Notes from torrent description:

A documentary about fans of Bruce & the E Steet Band, shot for the most part in the parking lot of the C.A.Arena, Meadowlands, during the 15 night stand there in 1999. It does not really contain any other music than what you could hear from stereo systems in the parking lot. The picture and sound quality is very good! Like watching television. I got this rather recently and want to share it. I found it fun and interesting to hear fellow fans think aloud and reflect on various aspects regarding Bruce & the Band, and what it means to be a fan.

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