Acoustic (15 Feb 1995)
Acoustic Kiss The Stone Records
Date: 15 Feb 1995
Location: Brooklyn Academy Of Music, New York City, NY
Format: FLAC
Duration: 60:21.00
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01- Come To My Window
02- Ain't It Heavy
03- If I Wanted To
04- Bring Me Some Water
05- Maggie Mae
06- Yes I Am
08- I'm The Only One
09- Like The Way I Do
10- Piece Of My Heart
11- Happy Xmas / Give Peace A Chance
12- All American Girl
13- Honky Tonk Woman

Track 07: with Bruce Springsteen
Track 10: bonus track, Jan 1995, New York City, NY
Track 11: bonus track, Dec 1994, Los Angeles, CA
Track 12: bonus track, Oct 1994, New York City, NY
Track 13: bonus track, Jun 1994, Los Angeles, CA

Notes from Richard Breton's Brucelegs:
This is a Melissa Etheridge CD with 13 tracks.

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