[no title] (30 Dec 1975)
[no title] hrubesh transfer
Date: 30 Dec 1975
Location: Radio Station WMMR-FM, Philadelphia, PA
artwork available
01- Introduction
02- Hold On I'm Coming [by Sam & Dave]
03- Interview
04- Tumbling Dice [by The Rolling Stones]
05- Interview
06- Crying Waiting Hoping [by Buddy Holly]
07- Interview
08- I Can't Turn You Loose [by Otis Redding]
09- Interview
10- GROWIN' UP [27 Oct 1976]
11- Interview / end

Source: Radio Broadcast
Total Time: 33 minutes 55 seconds

Lineage: Cassette Tapes TDK SD IEC II/Type II High Bias 70us EQ High Position -> Technics M260 Stereo Cassette DecK -> Transfert with Cable -> Nero Wav Editor -> wav -> THL -> Flac (level 6) Align on Sector Boundaries.

Notes from info file:
Excellent audio.
Thanks to Bruga for this tape.
Hope you Enjoy


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