[no title] (01 Jul 2015)
[no title] Maggie Clarke version
Date: 01 Jul 2015
Location: PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
artwork available
01- Help Me Rhonda [3:04.17]
02- BARBARA ANN [2:53.18]
03- SURFIN' USA [2:34.51]
04- Fun, Fun, Fun And Love [3:18.53]
05- Mercy [2:13.60]

Tracks 02-03: with Bruce Springsteen
Track 05: cut

Source: Audience
Total Time: 14 minutes 04.49 seconds
Taper: Maggie Clarke

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: YouTube Video -> JDownloader2 -> Video .mp4 720p 192kbps -> Nero Vision -> extract in PCM audio -> wav -> Nero Wav Editor -> Slight Equalize -> wav -> TLH -> flac (level 8) Align on Sector Boundaries.

Notes from info file:
Incomplete show, good sounding for this "encore" of that show, this audio came from a video downloaded from YouTube, so is LOSSY, the Frequency/Spectral analysis it can be misleading, but remember that the original audio of the video is 192kbps!
I also added the videoclip in mp4 720p.
Hope you Enjoy


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