[no title] (31 Jul 2015)
[no title] larryrulz version
Date: 31 Jul 2015
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
01- The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
02- Out of Control
03- Vertigo
04- I Will Follow
05- Iris (Hold Me Close)
06- Cedarwood Road
07- Song for Someone
08- Sunday Bloody Sunday
09- Raised by Wolves
10- Until the End of the World
11- The Fly
12- Invisible
13- Even Better Than the Real Thing
14- Mysterious Ways
15- Desire
16- Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl
17- Every Breaking Wave
18- Bullet the Blue Sky
19- Pride (In the Name of Love)
20- Beautiful Day
21- With or Without You
22- City of Blinding Lights
23- Where the Streets Have No Name
26- 40

Tracks 24-25: with Bruce Springsteen

Source: master audience recording
Taper: larryrulz
Location: GA floor, midway between the front and rear stages
Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid, single mic only) > Sony M10 (24/44) > Audacity (Pseudostereo, amplify, tracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)

Length: 2:25:31

Notes from info file:
I'm a casual fan who hasn't seen these guys since a wild show at Shea's in Buffalo in 1983. I still remember the balcony shaking (!) during I Will Follow and being truly scared it was going to collapse. Fast forward 30 years to this amazing show. The Clintons were there and got a big round of applause as they took their seats. I think Bruce and his family were sitting with them as well. So there was a definite buzz in the air. Given the unique arrangement of the PA system, I really didn't know how this recording was going to turn out, but it overall it sounds pretty good, comparable to the other audio captures from this tour. As I have mentioned quite a bit over the past 2 months, my right mic is dead and I'm recording with only one mic. I use the Pseudostereo effect in Audacity to fix this problem and it works pretty well. I had no idea how to EQ it so I left it alone. There is minimal audience chatter. From my spot in GA, video was extremely limited, so rather than video record I Periscoped the show which attracted quite few viewers. I did manage to video capture one song very nicely.