Maximum Bruce (2002)
Maximum Bruce Chrome Dreams
Date: 2002
Format: FLAC
Duration: 70:12.03
artwork available | original info file available
01- Introduction
02- Smalltown Boy
03- Greetings From The Future Of Rock And Roll
04- Rock And Roll Rejuvenator
05- Trading Wings For Wheels
06- All Hail The King Of The World
07- All The Kings Men
08- Marriage And Fatherhood
09- Hollywood Angel
10- Ghosts Of The Past
11- The Boss Is Back
12- Renaissance Man

Original info file

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300 dpi scans

"7015_artwork_01.jpg": booklet p. 08-01
"7015_artwork_02.jpg": booklet p. 02-03
"7015_artwork_03.jpg": booklet p. 04-05
"7015_artwork_04.jpg": booklet p. 06-07
"7015_artwork_05.jpg": back insert, outer side
"7015_artwork_06.jpg": back insert, inner side
"7015_artwork_07.jpg": disc
"7015_artwork_08.jpg": slipcase, front
"7015_artwork_09.jpg": slipcase, back
"7015_artwork_10.jpg": poster

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