Leap Of Faith Plugged (22 Sep 1992)
Leap Of Faith Plugged audio2575 transfer
Date: 22 Sep 1992
Location: Warner Hollywood Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Format: DVD
Duration: 6:58

Size: 469 MB
Duration: 00:06:58
Video: 720x480 60Hz 4:3
Audio: LPCM 48000Hz 16bits 2 channels

Title: Leap of Faith Plugged
Discs: 1
Video format: NTSC 4:3 Standard
Mode: N/A
Generation: 2nd
Video: pro-shot NTSC
Audio: soundboard
Menu: authored
Chapters: songs
LINEAGE: pro video / audio, live switch / mix > PRO-SVHS (I think) helical audio > PRO VHS Hi-Fi audio with tracking > ARCHO AV700 480P (VGA quality) AVI file

Notes from info file:

Description: This is the live studio switch from that night, of "Leap of Faith" which which has long been suggested does not exists anywhere.

Video crew got me a copy of the tape while we were still in LA, in exchange for tickets and passes to Arena shows in LA.

I watched it a few times in early to mid-90's shared with a few people. It was near perfect quality. unfortunately, the tape spent a year or so in our attic, in the Florida heat. After about 20 years, the transfer compression and heat, it did not fare so well.