The Light In Darkness
The Light In Darkness By Lawrence Kirsch
Label (Cat #): Lawrence Kirsch Communications (–)
Format: Paperback
Country: Canada
Release date (Original year): 2009 (2009)
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By Lawrence Kirsch. From the author/publisher of For You comes a new collection of stories and photos, this time from a very specific slice of Bruce Springsteen's career: 1978 and the Darkness on the Edge of Town album and tour.

Collecting stories and photos from hundreds of fans, The Light in Darkness celebrates Bruce Springsteen's classic 1978 record, allowing readers to revisit the excitement of that moment when the needle found the grooves in that first cut and the thundering power of "Badlands" shook across the hi-fi for the very first time. The Light in Darkness shares the stories of fans coming to grips with this new record and this very different sound from The Boss, finding that Bruce's struggles and frustrations often mirrored their own battles in life. A frayed relationship with a father, a body made sore with factory work, or the suffocating fear of being trapped in the badlands, fans have lived the stories Bruce tells on Darkness -- the album is part of their history, a history they share in this book.