Backstreets Issue #87
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): Spring 2008 (2008)
Bruce Springsteen fanzine, 116 pages.

Notes from

Magic coverage begins here, with our exclusive interview with Bruce Springsteen at the outset of the new tour, by Backstreets editor Chris Phillips, along with Erik Flannigan's look at the new album. This enormous issue (our biggest single issue ever) also helps bring us up to date with our long-awaited Seeger Sessions Tour Spectacular. Along with show-by-show tour coverage, we've packed in a wealth of extra features in this section, including the making of Bruce's handpainted guitars, a mid-tour Q&A with the Boss, and 24 pages worth of interviews with the Sessions players: Sam Bardfeld, Art Baron, "Cousin" Frank Bruno Jr., Jeremy Chatzky, Larry Eagle, Charles Giordano, Curtis King, Greg Liszt, Lisa Lowell, Ed Manion, Cindy Mizelle, Mark Pender, Marty Rifkin, Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg, Marc Anthony Thompson, Soozie Tyrell -- even tour guest (and banjo player on the LP) Mark Clifford. Exclusive full-color photography, Live in Dublin reviews, and more round out a sweeping look at Springsteen's pre-Magic highwire act.
Danny Federici, 1950-2008; interviews with Nils Lofgren and Jesse Malin; Ennio Morricone on the Boss; Bruce's 2007-2008 benefit performances (including Jon Landau's W.H.Y. speech) Springsteen raves over the Raspberries; Daniel Wolff on Patti Scialfa's Play It As It Lays; Pete Seeger and Bruce together on Appleseed anniversary discs; Terry Magovern tribute; reviews of the latest CD-Rs and Bruce boots, and more. 116 pages, full-color, perfect bound.


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