Hungry Heart - Berlin' 95
Hungry Heart - Berlin' 95 Limited edition promo box set
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Format: CD + VHS
Country: Germany
Release date (Original year): 1995 (1995)
02- HUNGRY HEART [live 09 Jul 1995]
03- STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA [live 05 Apr 1995]
04- THUNDER ROAD [live 05 Apr 1995]
05- MURDER INCORPORATED [live 05 Apr 1995]

- "Hungry Heart Berlin'95" video-clip
- Behind the scenes footage

No individual catalogue number for the boxset. CD EP pressed in Austria, catalogue # COLUMBIA 662315 2. VHS has no catalogue number.

This box is housed in an additional plain corrugated cardboard slipcase, which is missing on most of the copies.

Notes from Lost In The Flood, about the CD EP:
CD-only release issued in several European countries (with discs usually pressed in Austria). Black-and-white picture insert with two different outdoor shots of Bruce in East Berlin, and blue/white/red type throughout; credits erroneously state that the three live songs were recorded in "May 1995" (the actual recording date was April 5). The CD itself is a picture disc featuring a grainy monochrome still from the appropriate video clip which depicts Springsteen and his all-German sidekick musicians onstage. Some copies came with a white sticker on front listing all bonus tracks, while others carried a black one just reading, "incl. Hungry Heart Berlin 95" instead.

Notes from Lost In The Flood:
Very rare Germany-only promotion package consisting of the above 5-track CD (with either black or white sticker), an exclusive VHS tape (which comes in a unique cardboard slipcase depicting a black-and-white shot of Bruce sitting on the hood of a Porsche Spider in front of the Brandenburg Gate, and includes the regular "Hungry Heart" clip as well as additional behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot at East Berlin's "Cafe Eckstein") plus a 4-page booklet with unique photos and a detailed, German-language time schedule of that rather bizarre event. All items come packaged inside an A4-size box made of plain corrugated cardboard and carrying a black-and-white "limited edition" sticker on the lid.