Pepsi Is Music
Pepsi Is Music Promo, 1-logo version
Label (Cat #): CBS (640.012)
Format: 7"
Country: Brazil
Release date (Original year): 1985 (1985)
A1- Bruce Springsteen: GLORY DAYS
A2- Freddie Mercury: Made In Heaven
B1- Nina Hagen: Universal Radio
B2- Carly Simon: Tired Of Being Blonde

This is the version with the "Pepsi" logo only.

Notes from Lost In The Flood:
Brazil-only 33 1/3 rpm "Pepsi Is Music" promotional freebie EP with white "CBS Especial" labels in black-and-white art title sleeve. It is of note that there are actually two different versions of this record in existence; the first (more common) issue just having Pepsi logo imprints on the lower right corner of the front sleeve and on the labels, and the second (slightly rarer) pressing additionally bearing logos of a Brazilian beer brewing company called "Brahma". Both variants of the EP - with identical catalogue numbers - originally were given out together; accompanied by special Pepsi/Brahma beverage glasses (each of which sported an image of one of the four featured artists), although these days it is virtually impossible to find complete sets even in Brazil.


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