Vietnam Long Time Coming
Vietnam Long Time Coming
Label (Cat #): Columbia (CK 69723)
Format: CD
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): 1999 (1999)
01- SHUT OUT THE LIGHT [Bruce Springsteen]
02- String Of Pearls [Soul Asylum]
03- Ricochet In Time [Shawn Colvin]
04- Learn To Fly [Richie Havens]
05- I Hear A Call [Emmylou Harris]
06- Bamboo [Ben Sidran]
07- Going Home [Ben Sidran]
08- A Different Drummer [Ben Sidran]
09- 43 Miles [Ben Sidran]
10- Swami Daddy-O [Ben Sidran]
11- The Last Run [Ben Sidran]

"Vietnam: Long Time Coming" is an award-winning 1999 documentary film chronicling a group of American and Vietnamese veterans, some of them disabled, on a bicycle trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon. Half of this album consists of Ben Sidran's score for the film, a funk-rock collection. The other half is a miscellaneous selection of pop songs, all of which predate the album's production. Most notable among them are Emmylou Harris's "I Hear a Call" and Bruce Springsteen's Vietnam-themed "Shut Out The Light", which was the non-LP B-side of his "Born In The USA" single in 1984.