John Hammond: From Bessie Smith To Bruce Springsteen
John Hammond: From Bessie Smith To Bruce Springsteen
Label (Cat #): CMC Entreprises / Image Entertainment (ID7996CB)
Format: LD
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): 1990 (1990)
01- Opening Logos
02- Introduction
03- Changing The World With Benny Goodman
04- The Count Of Kansas City
05- Billie At 17
06- From Spirituals To Swing At Carnegie Hall
07- The War Brings Changes
08- Signing The Legens
09- The Radical Dylan
10- "The Boss"
11- Continuing The Talent Search
12- End Credits

Includes IF I WAS THE PRIEST [short live excerpt, 1972], HENRY BOY [short live excerpt, 1972], and FOREVER YOUNG [22 Oct 1987]

Notes from Lost In The Flood:
Home video release of a US tribute TV special on the legendary CBS talent scout who signed Springsteen to the company; featuring short live excerpts from the unreleased early tunes "If I Was The Priest" and "Henry Boy" (circa 1972), some footage of Bruce in conversation with his mentor, and an otherwise unavailable audio-only track of Bruce performing Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" (at the October 22, 1987 memorial service for Hammond in New York City) laid over the closing credits.