We Are The World: The Story Behind The Song
We Are The World: The Story Behind The Song
Label (Cat #): BMG Image Entertainment (82876 66601 9)
Format: 2xDVD
Country: Europe
Release date (Original year): 2005 (1985)
Disc 1:
01- Music video
02- Michael's guide vocal
03- Recording the chorus
04- Sha-la background chorus
05- Day-o
06- Recording the solos
07- Bob Dylan solos
08- Bruce Springsteen solos
09- Stevie and Diana
10- Karaoke track

Disc 2:
01- 10th anniversary special, "One Song, Many Hands"
02- The "Live Aid" performance
03- American Music Awards
04- Grammys
05- Recording the solos
06- Michael Jackson's solos
07- Quincy conducting
08- Stevie and the producers
09- Photo gallery

This release marks the 20th anniversary of the We Are The World project. Narrated by Jane Fonda, it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the night of 28 Jan 1985, to provide more than a moving collection of words, pictures and music. The double-disc set also includes two documentaries about the making of the song and clips of its performance at the finale of the Live AID charity concert that summer.