The History Of Rock 'N' Roll
The History Of Rock 'N' Roll
Label (Cat #): Warner / Time Life (34991)
Format: 5xDVD
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): 2004 (1995)
Includes BORN TO RUN, QUARTER TO THREE [live 22 Sep 1979], and MY HOMETOWN.

Product description:
An unprecedented documentary culled from 10,000 HOURS of concert and archival footage Jam packed with 204 INTERVIEWS featuring rocks biggest stars. Filled with 1807 fascinating CLIPS. Bursting with 250 memorable SONGS from 260 live in concert vignetles. It's ELVIS gyrating CHUCK duckwalking. BEATLEMANIA JIMI burning his guitar. TOWNSHEND smashing his. JIMMY PAGE playing with a violin bow AND BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN collasping onstage. 10 TITANIC HOURS OF THE GREATEST ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA EVER. It's everyone's favorite songs played loud...and LIVE. It's 10 AWESOME EPISODES divided by era. with homages and observations by stars of other eras. In short... INCREDIBLE.


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