Backstreets Issue #80
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): Summer/Fall 2004 (2004)
Bruce Springsteen fanzine, 52 pages.

Notes from

Summer/Fall 2004. Featuring Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa on the cover, and exclusive interviews with both inside. That's right, the first Backstreets interview with Springsteen... ever! Springsteen talked to Backstreets in late July, previewing the upcoming Vote For Change tour. And the Backstreets Interview with Patti is a whopping 10 pages, covering her career as a solo artist and E Street Band member, from busking on the streets of NYC to her new album, 23rd Street Lullaby. Issue #80 also brings you interviews with Gary U.S. Bonds (on getting Bruce to sing on his new album) and Marah. Plus an in-depth look at the Boss and the King, a Springsteen-centric celebration of the 50 years since Elvis’ first single. You’ll also find our usual columns and Boss news, from Tillie Saved, to a pair of Springsteen rave-ups at the Stone Pony, to reviews of the latest CD-Rs and Bruce boots. 52 pages, all in glorious full color!


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