Backstreets Issue #54
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): Fall/Winter 1996 (1996)
I have 2 copies
Bruce Springsteen fanzine, 36 pages.

Notes from

Backstreets #54 - Fall/Winter 1996. Tom Joad Solo Acoustic Tour Report, Fall 1996: Pittsburgh, Wallingford, Providence, Kalamazoo, Akron, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Normal, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, Albuquerque, Tempe, San Diego, Fresno, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Freehold, Buffalo, Syracuse, Lowell, Memphis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Asbury Park; Bruce on the Internet; Performance Report: Bruce in Whitefish, Montana.


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