Live Collection II: Born To Run
Live Collection II: Born To Run Issue #2, two prices on obi
Label (Cat #): CBS/Sony Records (23DP 5249)
Format: CD
Country: Japan
Release date (Original year): 1989 (1987)
01- JOHNNY 99 [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]
02- WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]
03- I'M ON FIRE [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]
04- BOBBY JEAN [Live 21 Aug 1985 version]
05- BORN TO RUN [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]

"Live Collection" was originally released on 21 Jun 1987 and "Live Collection II" was originally released on 26 Aug 1987. These are the original issues and they have a red obi and catalogue numbers CBS/SONY 28DP 777 and CBS/SONY 28DP 778.

"Live Collection" and "Live Collection II" were reissued on 21 Sep 1988 with black obi and catalogue numbers 23DP 5248 and 23DP 5249.

Japanese CDs have the price printed on the artwork and/or obi. In January 1989 VAT was introduced in Japan, and since then it became legally required that two prices be printed on the obi: the net price is excluding VAT, and the total price including a fixed 5% VAT.

So, there are two versions of "Live Collection" and "Live Collection II" with black obi: the ones from before January 1989 have only one price on the obi and the ones from after January 1989 have two prices on the obi.


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