Ao Vivo
Ao Vivo
Label (Cat #): CBS (77.127/4-464061)
Format: MC
Country: Brazil
Release date (Original year): 1986 (1986)
A1- THUNDER ROAD [Live 18 Oct 1975 version]
A2- WAR [Live 30 Sep 1985 version]
A3- BORN IN THE USA [Live 30 Sep 1985 version]
A4- THE RIVER [Live 30 Sep 1985 version]
A5- BORN TO RUN [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]
B1- HUNGRY HEART [Live 28 Dec 1980 version]
B2- DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN [Live 29 Dec 1980 version]
B3- COVER ME [Live 30 Sep 1985 version]
B4- I'M ON FIRE [Live 19 Aug 1985 version]
B5- JERSEY GIRL [Live 09 Jul 1981 version]

"Ao Vivo" is a sampler compiling 10 tracks from the "Live / 1975-85" boxed set (with the spoken intro to "The River" edited out). It was originally released in Brazil in 1986 on vinyl and cassette. The CD reissue was first released in 1991 under the CBS trademark and later reissues were released between 1992 and 1998 under the Columbia trademark.

Cassette tape type I (ferric oxide Fe2O3).


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