Hit's A Sony Music Express Vol. 57 November 2007
Hit's A Sony Music Express Vol. 57 November 2007 Promo
Label (Cat #): Sony Music Japan International Inc. (SDCI 80513)
Format: CD
Country: Japan
Release date (Original year): 2007 (2007)
01- Celine Dion: Taking Chances
02- Wyclef Jean: Sweetest Girl
03- Jennifer Lopez: Do It Well
04- Sara Bareilles: Love Song
05- Bruce Springsteen: RADIO NOWHERE
06- Duran Duran: Falling Down
07- AC/DC: Back In Black
08- Sean Kingston: Me Love
09- Kat Deluna: Whine Up
10- Nas: Less Than An Hour
11- Omarion: Cut Off Time
12- Mark Anthony: El Cancante
13- Amerie: Gotta Work
14- Mumm-ra: She's Got You High
15- The Higher: Dare
16- Carole King: You've Got A Friend
17- Lucky Soul: Lips Are Unhappy
18- Beyoncé: Get Me Bodied
19- Kelico Lee: I Can't Make You Love Me

Promotional album, includes Bruce Springsteen's "Radio Nowhere".


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