High Fidelity Reference CD No. 15
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 15 Promo
Label (Cat #): DanDisc / ncb (FAM CD-15)
Format: CD
Country: Denmark
Release date (Original year): 1996 (1995)
01- Bruce Springsteen and Joe Grushecky: HOMESTEAD
02- Organic Paste: Fruitdrop Junkie
03- Acoustic Guitars: Muro Bukea
04- Tango Orkestret: Astor Rex
05- Organic Paste: 10 Women & Cops (Final Version)
06- Diallo: Thoughts Of You
07- Bijou Cries: From Shanghai Triad
08- Bijou Cries: Introduction
09- Bijou Cries: Escape From Shanghai, From Shanghai Triad
10- Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin: Lumen
11- Yul Anderson: Sonata Di Ballerina
12- J.S. Bach: Sonata No. 3 In C Major, Allegro
13- Lutoslawski: Chain II, A Battuta
14- Voříšek: Symphony In D Major, Finale
15- Lassus: Il Magnanimo Pietro
16- Benda: Sinfonia No. 6 In E Flat Major, Allegro
17- Danzi: Sextet In E Flat Major, Menuetto
18- Francesco Maria Veracini: Overture No. 6 In B Flat Major
19- Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf: Sinfonia No. 3 In G. Major, Finale

HOMESTEAD is co-written by Joe Grushecky and Bruce Springsteen. The song was produced by Springsteen who also contributes guitar, harmonica, and mandolin.

CD sampler issued exclusively with the now defunct Danish magazine "High Fidelity".


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