"Badlands" original mock-up album sleeve art
"Badlands" original mock-up album sleeve art
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): 1977 (1977)
A set of two blank cardboard LP sleeves on which photos have been mounted. The photographs were taken by Eric Meola in 1977 and were considered for the Darkness On The Edge Of Town album's front and back cover art. The Bruce photograph was shot at Meola's studio in NYC for potential use on the album cover art, but the eye-patched Clarence Clemons photo, which oddly ended up here, was shot for Clarence personally. These vintage cover paste-ups come from the Columbia Records art department and are a very early concept design dating from October 1977. At this stage, the album's proposed title was "Badlands", but Springsteen would later change it to "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" reportedly because Bill Chinnock released an album titled "Badlands" in early 1978.


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