1992 Stockholm Concerts paperwork
1992 Stockholm Concerts paperwork Version 1
Label (Cat #): – (–)
Country: Sweden
Release date (Original year): 1992 (1992)
This is 30 pages of paperwork relating to Bruce Springsteen's 15 and 17 Jun 1992 concerts at Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. This folder contains what appears to be the working copies of the concerts promoters. It includes:

1) A copy of "Thrill Hill Productions Rider Summer 1992". A rider is the part where the artist(s) lay out the requirements (demands) for their visit to different venues. This is sent to the promoter well in advance of the tour and will have to be agreed upon by both parties before a contract is signed and a concert is booked. The Rider will list what the artist(s) want and need to be able to do a good performance. Payment, advertising, merchandising, dressing rooms, transportation, parking, security, stage requirements, power requirements, rigging, translators, dressing rooms, backstage food and beverages, etc. 23 pages (12 letter-size sheets).

2) A stage drawing. 1 page (A4 sheet).

3) EMA Telstar's budget lists. 4 pages (4 A4 sheets).

4) EMA Telstar's summary of ticket accounting for the 17 Jun 1992 show. 1 page (1 A4 sheet).

5) Debit note from the insurance company (Robertson Taylor Insurance Brokers Ltd.). 1 page (1 A4 sheet).


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