Songs Inspired By Literature - Chapter One
Songs Inspired By Literature - Chapter One
Label (Cat #): SIBL Project (MM 1005)
Format: CD
Country: USA
Release date (Original year): 2002 (2002)
01- Jill Tracy: Evil Night Together
02- Den Talen: Tell Your Story Walking
03- Aimee Mann: Ghostworld
04- Bob Hillman: Tolstoy
05- Lynn Harrison: Einstein's Brain
06- Grack Slick: Rejoyce
07- Justin Wells: The Last Temptation Of Odysseus
08- Essense: Still Crying
09- Suzanne Vega: Calypso
10- Deborah Pardes: 7th Step
11- Scarth Locke: Bucking Bronco
12- Ray Manzarek: He Can't Come Today
13- Anny Celsi: Twas Her Hunger Brought Me Down
14- David Lamotte: Dark And Deep
15- Diane Zeigler: The Legend Of Enoch Arden
16- Bruce Springsteen: THE GHOST OF TOM HOAD


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