Rock Classics - 100 Greatest Hits
Rock Classics - 100 Greatest Hits
Label (Cat #): Edenways (FLMC 9039-42)
Format: 4xMC
Country: Europe
Release date (Original year): 1996 (1996)
Tape 1:
A01- T. Rex: Metal Guru
A02- Santana: Evil Ways
A03- Eric Clapton: I Wish You Would
A04- Alice Cooper: I've Written Home To Mother
A05- UPP: The Jeff Beck Band: Nervous
A06- Bruce Springsteen: SOUTHERN SUN
A07- Crosby & Nash: Bittersweet
A08- Grateful Death: Here Comes Sunshine
A09- Jefferson Airplane: My Best Friend
A10- Carole King: Growing Away From Me
A11- Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi
A12- James Taylor: Rainy Day Man
A13- Santana: Let's Get Outselves Together / Jin-Go-La-Ba
B01- Jimi Hendrix: Spanish Castle Magic
B02- Eric Clapton: Wang Dang Doodle
B03- Mud: The Cat Crept In
B04- Crosby & Nash: Naked In The Rain
B05- Jimi Hendrix: Sunshine Of Your Love
B06- Joni Mitchell: Blue Boy
B07- Eric Clapton: Freight Loader
B08- Alice Cooper: Freakout Song
B09- T. Rex: 20th Century Boy
B10- Eric Clapton: A Certain Girl
B11- Crosby & Nash: Carry Me
B12- Jimi Hendrix: Wild Thing

Tape 2:
A01- Alice Cooper: Going To The River
A02- Eric Clapton: For Your Love
A03- The Troggs: Love Is All Around
A04- Jimi Hendrix: Little Miss Lover
A05- Crosby & Nash: Cowboy Of Dreams
A06- Eric Clapton: Got To Hurry
A07- Jonathan Richmann & The Modern Lovers: Roadrunner
A08- Santana: Rock Me
A09- Joni Mitchell: For Free
A10- Joe Cocker: The Letter
A11- Atomic Rooster: Devil's Answer
A12- Crosby & Nash: Fieldworker
A13- John Kongos: Tokoloshe Man
B01- Eric Clapton: Snake Drive
B02- UPP - The Jeff Beck Band: You Hit Me So Hard
B03- Climax: Rainbow Rides Are Free
B04- Joni Mitchell: Willy
B05- Eric Clapton: Out On The Water Coast
B06- Santana: Just Ain't Big Enough
B07- Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze
B08- Jefferson Airplane: Tobacco Road
B09- Crosby & Nash: Take The Money And Run
B10- T. Rex: Ride A White Swan
B11- Grateful Dead: Eyes Of The World
B12- Jimi Hendrix: Fire

Tape 3:
A01- Eric Clapton: I Ain't Got You
A02- Jimi Hendrix: Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
A03- Eric Clapton: Draggin' My Tail
A04- T. Rex: Hot Love
A05- Joni Mitchell: Rainy Night House
A06- Eric Clapton: Honey In Your Hips
A07- Mud:Oh! Boy
A08- Climax: Precious And Few
A09- Fifth Dimension: Goin' Out Of My Head
A10- Jimi Hendrix: Can You Please Crawl Out Of Your Window
A11- Carole King: Music
A12- Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds: Too Much Monkey Business
A13- Crosby & Nash: Homeward Through The Haze
B01- Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential
B02- Grateful Dead: Prelude
B03- Jimi Hendrix: Redhouse
B04- Eric Clapton: Little Red Rooster
B05- Jefferson Airplane: Don't Slip Away
B06- Carole King: Too Much Rain
B07- Alice Cooper: Painting A Picture
B08- Eric Clapton: Putty In Your Hands
B09- Crosby & Nash: Love Work Out
B10- T. Rex: Solid Gold Easy Action
B11- Santana: Funky Piano
B12- Alice Cooper: Nobody Likes Me

Tape 4:
A01- Santana: The Way You Do To Me
A02- Eric Clapton: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
A03- Alice Cooper: Science Fiction
A04- Grateful Dead: Weather Report Suite
A05- Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit
A06- T. Rex: Telegram Sam
A07- Joni Mitchell: Morning Morgan Town
A08- Eric Clapton: Highway 49
A09- Crosby & Nash: Momma Lion
A10- Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Zababak
A11- Alice Cooper: I've Written Home To Mother
A12- Jimi Hendrix: Drivin' South
A13- T. Rex: Jeepster
B01- Fifth Dimension: Monday, Monday
B02- Crosby & Nash: Low Down Payment
B03- Jimi Hendrix: Room Full Of Mirrors
B04- Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
B05- Climax: I've Got Everything
B06- Nazareth: This Flight Tonight
B07- Eric Clapton: Boom Boom
B08- Osibisa: Sunshine Day
B09- Jimi Hendrix: Catfish Blues
B10- Carole King: Uh Oh, It Started All Over Again
B11- Joni Mitchell: Woodstock
B12- Carole King: Too Much Rain

This is a series of 4 volumes. Includes SOUTHERN SUN.


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