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BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH is an unreleased song written by Bruce Springsteen. In 1994, Springsteen recorded an album with Shane Fontayne and other members of the 1992-1993 touring band. His manager Jon Landau wasn't a fan of the project and recommended shelving it and focusing more on a "career overview", which lead to the Greatest Hits sessions with the E Street Band in early 1995. It is believed that BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH was recorded during the sessions for that unreleased album, sometime in the fall of 1994.

A finished recording of BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH was filed at the United States Copyright Office on 07 Apr 1995.

Copyright entry:
Type of Work: Music
Registration Number / Date: PAu001840753 / 1995-04-07
Title: Between heaven & earth.
Description: Sound cassette.
Notes: Words & music.
Copyright Claimant: Bruce Springsteen
Date of Creation: 1995
Names: Springsteen, Bruce

Shawn Poole, a Springsteen fan, visited the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, in late December 2016. There he had the opportunity to listen to some unreleased Bruce Springsteen recordings, including BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. He reported to

"Between Heaven & Earth" is a ballad that features a hip-hop-style drum track and synthesizer wash a la 1994's "Streets of Philadelphia," with some electric guitar added to the recording's fade-out, presumably played by Bruce. (No musician or production credits were included with any of the copyright records I inspected.) The lyrics are focused on the difficulties of maintaining a marriage and family life, with imagery that includes children and a home's kitchen. The recording also features some nice double-tracked backing vocals from Bruce, using the falsetto voice he was developing at that time.


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