Outtake version 5

Everyday the newspapers say the same thing
Turn on the TV all I get is confused
???murder in the first degree
I'm getting fed up with all this delusion
Little killer baby talk to you each day
Little killers, watch them play
Little killers let big killers get their way

Oh darling bring on the night
Baby bring on the night, it's alright
Yes bring on the night, little baby
Bring on the night

And I can't make it out with this ???
I don't know what I'm doing here
Oh baby is it a sinful as I fear
If I'm right, cause I feel
If I'm right

Bring on the night
Bring on the night, block out the daylight

This is an outtake for The River. Officially released for the first time on Tracks. Not widely circulated, never played live, this track was virtually unknown until Tracks.

The above lyrics are for a version that was recorded in early 1979 in Holmdel, New Jersey. See also Tracks version, outtake version 1, outtake version 2, outtake version 3, and outtake version 4.

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