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Doctor, doctor, you gotta help me yeah
You gotta make it right for me
It seems this other man's name's been following me around
Andd it just won't let me be
You see, I got this name and he's got this name too and though
Well they're kinda close only a blind crazy fool would think I was him
It's like saying green is blue
But let me tell you brother it started being a bother
When he made the cover of Time magazine

I was at this party in the well-heeled hills
Just the other night
Her name was Shelly, I introduced myself
She just smiled and said "all right"
Well we got talkin' and drinkin' wine
And she said she liked my music, thought it was fine
She said, "Let's make love, your place or mine"
And in the middle of the passion I was on the borderline
When she called out a name but it wasn't mine

She called me Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear her calling Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear her calling Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear her
My name is Rick, I'm gonna stick it to you babe

There's this kid walking carrying a guitar
You know I told him that I played
He asked me my name, you know I told him
I said it, wooo, as clear as day
Well he seemed really, clearly, sincerely impressed
And as he pulled a piece of paper for me to sign from his vest
He said, "I thought Born To Run was one of your best"
Awww, wait a minute man, who do you think I am?
He answered, "Mr. Springsteen, you're a famous man"

He called me Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear him calling Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce), wooo
He called me Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear him
My name is Richard, gonna hit it to you babe

You know my mama called me long distance yesterday
And as she got off the phone I swear I heard her say

Bye bye Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear her calling Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce), wooo
Se called me Bruce (Bruce), Bruce (Bruce)
I can hear her
My name is Ricky, gonna stick it to you babe, oh
She called me Bruce (Bruce), hmmm what!
She called me Bruce (Bruce), aw!
She called me Bruce (Bruce)


BRUCE is a humorous song written by Rick Springfield about people mistaking his identity with Bruce Springsteen. The song was originally released as a bonus track on the Australian edition of Springfield's 1981 album Working Class Dog.

Rick Springfield -- Working Class Dog
Rick Springfield -- Working Class Dog

The Story behind the Song

Australian songwriter, musician, and actor Rick Springfield moved to the United States in 1972. He was making a go in America in the early seventies and he had a Top 20 hit in 1972 with SPEAK TO THE SKY, but he started having a hard time when in the mid-seventies people started mistaking him for Bruce Springsteen. "It started being a bother when he made the cover of Time magazine," he sings, referring to when Springsteen appeared on the covers of both Time and Newsweek magazines in the same week, on 27 Oct 1975.

Springfield recalls, "Twice in one week I went out for interviews for an acting part. There was some girl looking at me, and as I was walking out the door, she called me Bruce. And then right after that, after another acting interview, I was sitting on a curb and waiting for a cab and some kid came up and started talking to me about some record he liked – Born To Run. I was having a tough time."

The common mistake was evidenced in Gary Winick's 2004 movie 13 Going On 30 when the character Jenna (played by Jennifer Garner) corrects a taxi driver who hears Springfield's JESSIE'S GIRL and says, "that's Bruce Springsteen!"

Subsequent Releases

Acting as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital finally gave Rick Springfield the profile he needed to have achievements in his music career. JESSIE'S GIRL from his 1981 album Working Class Dog became a hit, and ironically, beat out Springsteen's THE RIVER for a Grammy award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

Springfield originally recorded BRUCE in 1978 solely as a joke and never intended for it to be released on an album, but as Springfield's star was rising higher than ever, a former manager of his released in 1984 an unauthorized Rick Springfield compilation album titled Beautiful Things. The album was published without Springfield's consent and consisted of ongs he originally recorded in 1978, including BRUCE, with new completed instrumentation laid over the original vocals. The album reached No. 78 on the Billboard 200 chart. BRUCE was the only single released off the album and it hit No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Springfield commented, "It was funny back then when I wrote it, but by 1984, it was a little embarrassing."

Rick Springfield -- Beautiful Feelings
Rick Springfield -- Beautiful Feelings

LP - Mercury (422-824 107-1 M-1) - USA, 1984
Rick Springfield -- Bruce
Rick Springfield -- Bruce

7" single - Mercury (880 405-7) - USA, 1984

Rick Springfield -- Bruce
Rick Springfield -- Bruce

7" single - Mercury (7PP-160) - Japan, 1984

Rick Springfield -- Anthology
Rick Springfield -- Anthology

CD - MSI (1602202) - Australia, 1999

The version of BRUCE on Anthology is the one that Springfield recorded himself, while the Beautiful Feelings version takes Springfield's voice track and adds different instrumentation behind it.
 Rick Springfield -- The Early Sound City Sessions
Rick Springfield -- The Early Sound City Sessions

CD - Sonic Past Music (no catalog number) - unknown country, 2007

This album consists of the original recordings from 1978 that later became Beautiful Feelings in 1984.


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