Live 05 Dec 1995 version

[Spoken intro:] Thank you. Thanks. There gonna be a picture coming out the end of uh, [clears throat] end of December I guess, or the beginning of January. It's a picture called "Dead Man Walking". The picture by Tim Robbins, uh... Basically it's about uh, picture about capital punishment, and about the menace waiting on death row to be executed and uh, and a sister who's, who's sent to, to... and takes it on herself to care for him... in his last days. So, this is called "Dead Man Walkin'".

There's a pale horse comin'
And I'm gonna ride it
I'll rise in the morning
My fate decided that
I'm a dead man walkin'
I'm a dead man walkin'

In Saint James Parish
I was born and Christened
Now I've got my story
But mister, ain't no need for you to listen
It's just a dead man talkin'

I had a job, I had a girl
But between our dreams and actions lies this world

Hail in the deep forest
Their blood and tears rushed over me
All I could feel was the drugs and the shotgun
And my fear up inside me
Like a dead man talkin'

'Neath the summer sky my eyes went black
My sister I won't ask for forgiveness, my sins are all I have

Tonight the clouds above my prison
Oh they move slowly 'cross the sky
There's a new day comin'
And my dreams are full tonight


The above lyrics are for the live 05 Dec 1995 performance of DEAD MAN WALKIN' at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, during The Ghost Of Tom Joad Solo Acoustic Tour.

Ticket stub for the 05 Dec 1995 show at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
Ticket stub for the 05 Dec 1995 show at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC

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