Outtake version 1

Ever since you were a little
Ever since you were a little girl
You set the rules in your little make believe world
Daddy bring you all pretty toys
And you grew up and then you had the boys
'Cause we had a love baby that was so true
And your toys came between me and you
I'm doing things baby that I would never do
I'm just a doll in your dollhouse too
And we're living in a dollhouse
Yeah we're living in a dollhouse
And we're living in a dollhouse
You think were safe and sound
But our dollhouse, girl, is fallin' down

In your mind its all so easily arranged
There's no room to face the changing times
Everythings so perfectly in place
I see the worry on your pretty face
We've been playing since you were a child
The colour of the curtains baby ruin they style
Now your plan is gone and running wild
And before your eyes your shrinking down to size
Shrinking down to size
And you're living in a doll house
Can't you see your'e living in a dollhouse
Yeah you're living in a doll house
You think you're safe and sound
But girl, your dollhouse is tumbling down

You got your dolls with your pretty lace and frills
You just can't hold your little red pills
You need to keep your fears safe and sound
I'd like to burn your dollhouse down
You just end up exactly like you want to
You make them do exactly what you want them to do
Since you were a girl did you
Baby it's ???
Baby it's time to give it up

This is an outtake version recorded in Jun 1979 in Holmdel, NJ.

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