[Dialogue intro:]
[Pete Hulne:] I'll take the scrambled eggs with the... turkey sausage... Can you put a little Pico De Gallo sauce on?
[Waitress:] Can I take your order?
[Pete Hulne:] Yeah scrambled eggs.
[Waitress:] How do you want those eggs?
[Pete Hulne:] Heh, eeh, scrambled.
[Waitress, while walking away:] Anything else?
[Pete Hulne:] That'll... that'll do...
[Waitress comes back and kind of throws a bowl of soup on the table]
[Pete Hulne:] Miss I... It's ok... I'll eat it.
[Hulne starts eating the soup, but immediately finds a hair]
[Pete Hulne:] What the?! This yours?

[Song starts]
Hwn, two, hwn, two, thwee!

I can't believe my eyes it's so friggin' amazing
Americans are getting lazier
They don't wanna do their jobs, they just want their check
They wanna show up, stand 'round, and then collect
Well baby just don't work that way
You gotta do your job to earn your pay
From the hot tub man to the grocery clerk
I'm the boss, get back to work

Do do do do your job
Do do do do your job
Do do do do your job
Do do do dooo your job

You've got places to go, but you can't get far
Because the valet can't find your car
You wanna stay in the mood but you still see it
I guess good service is an ancient shiny secret
I'm not offered men's soap or any cologne
From the bathroom attendant who's on his cell phone
It's a wonder more people don't go berserk
I'm the boss, get back to work

Do do do do your job
Do do do do your job (do your job now)
Do do do do your job (he-hey)
Do do do dooo your job

These bozos are making one of those death traps
By this time next week, that building's gonna collapse
And the school bus driver hauls a precious load
Hope he's not driving your kids when his heart explodes
As I look around I see everywhere
Americans who just don't care
At the risk of sounding like a Repetitive Joe
Repetitive Joe, Repetitive Joe, Repetitive Joe
I'm the boss, get back to work

Do do do do your job
Do do do do your job
Do do do do your job (do your job)
Do do do dooo (na na na na) your job


DO YOUR JOB is a comical Bruce Springsteen parody. The music is composed by John LaMantia and the lyrics are co-written by Jim Wise and Pete Hulne. The song is performed by Pete Hulne impersonating Bruce Springsteen. Hulne is a professional comedian best known for his role in American Body Shop, a 2007 improvised comedy show on Comedy Central. He also appeared on several TV shows and Hollywood movies.

DO YOUR JOB first appeared in June 2008 when a music video was published on Will Ferrell's comedy video website The 4-minutes video is professionally shot and edited by Rob Soucy. It was generally well recieved by Springsteen fans.

DO YOUR JOB's main melody is similar to Springsteen's THE PROMISED LAND, and some parts (like the intro and the piano at end) are much more like PROVE IT ALL NIGHT. Bruce Springsteen references are frequent in the song, most of them being visual:

  • Pete Hulne's haircut, clothes, voice, and facial expressions.
  • The "One, two, one, two, three!" count-in.
  • The rear shot of Hulne with his guitar on his back, similar to Springsteen's Greatest Hits album cover.
  • Many of similarities to the HUMAN TOUCH video (clothes, guitar playing style...)
  • The repetitive "do do do do" in the chorus are much like the repetitive "la la la la" or "sha la la" or "li li li li" found in many Springsteen songs.
  • The postman mistakes Bruce Springsteen for Rick Springfield. In reality, it is Springfield who was in the 70's often mistaken for Springsteen. See the song BRUCE for more info.
  • The shot with the workers is reminiscent to the BORN IN THE U.S.A. video.
  • The lyrics "when his heart explodes" feels like typical Springsteen imagery, as in THE PROMISED LAND and DOWNBOUND TRAIN, while "death traps" may be a reference to BORN TO RUN.
  • The famous snot rocket that Springsteen does in concert.
  • The "wandering on the beach" that's been on most non-live Springsteen videos.


Thanks Timmy Peterson (Terry at Greasy Lake) and John Eick for the help.


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