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FATHER'S DAY is an unreleased song written by Bruce Springsteen. In 1994, Springsteen recorded an album with Shane Fontayne and other members of the 1992-1993 touring band. His manager Jon Landau wasn't a fan of the project and recommended shelving it and focusing more on a "career overview", which lead to the Greatest Hits sessions with the E Street Band in early 1995. It is believed that FATHER'S DAY was recorded during the sessions for that unreleased album, sometime in the fall of 1994.

A finished recording of FATHER'S DAY was filed at the United States Copyright Office on 07 Apr 1995.

Copyright entry:
Type of Work: Music
Registration Number / Date: PAu001840754 / 1995-04-07
Title: Father's Day.
Description: Sound cassette.
Notes: Words & music.
Copyright Claimant: Bruce Springsteen
Date of Creation: 1995
Names: Springsteen, Bruce


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