Live 12 Jan 1993 version

Well, take me back down where cool water flows, yeah
Let me remember things I love, yeah
Stoppin' at the log where catfish bite
Walkin' along the river road at night
Barefoot girls dancin' in the moonlight

I can hear the bullfrog callin' me home
I wonder if my rope's still hangin' to the tree, yeah
Love to kick my feet 'way down the shallow water
Shoefly, dragonfly, get back t'your mother
Pick up a flat rock, skip it across the Green River

Up at Cody's camp I spent my days, yeah
With flat car riders and cross-tie walkers
Old Cody, Junior took me over
Said, "You're gonna find the world is smould'rin'
If you get lost come on home to Green River"

[Spoken:] Don't be shy, be spontaneous!

GREEN RIVER is a song originally released by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969. See the original Creedence Clearwater Revival version for more details..

A favourite of Bruce's, but as far as it's known, he performed the song 6 times only, all of them off-tour.

The first known live performance was with John Fogerty on 12 Jan 1993 at Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, during the 1993 Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremonies; the above lyrics are for that performance. Creedence Clearwater Revival were inducted, and Bruce Springsteen did the induction speech the following day.

Also performed around 20 Dec 1999 at McLoone's Rumrunner, Sea Bright, NJ, with Bobby Bandiera's band.

Performed for the Rumson Country Day School benefits at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, on 13 and 14 Apr 2002, 30 Apr 2003, and 25 Apr 2004.

GREEN RIVER was sound-checked for the Vote For Change tour, but the song only made it as far as the setlist for the 13 Oct 2004 show at the Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, where is was replaced by PROUD MARY.

The above lyrics are for the live 12 Jan 1993 version with John Fogerty at Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA. Bruce was playing guitar, and sharing vocals only for the last line of each verse. See also the original Creedence Clearwater Revival version (similar lyrics).

Thanks Jesse for the help.

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