Live Nov 1971 version

[/Spoken intro:] ??? Mark Romanski and the crew. (cheers) So if you wanna be on TV you have to raise your hand and they'll come around ??? (chuckles). This is a lady's choice.

Well I remember the first time I saw you
Because I thought to myself
I said ooh there's one woman that sure looks good, yes she does
And I prayed to the Lord each night
I said oh Lord, if there's Lord
I told him I had to have you
Because I thought that you would love me
Like I would want my baby to, yes
Yes and I remember the first time I saw you, sure was true, yes it was
Because I gotta have your loving, yes I, yes I
I gotta have your loving, oh come on to me now, I gotta have your loving
Yes I do, oh yes I do, babe

Well I remember the first time I touched you
I swear the stars fell from the sky
And glowed down on the earth like a thousand fireflies
And I thought to myself, I swear this is one time, yes I knew it
I said maybe baby if we tried, perhaps we could get through it
Yes I knew, I knew we could get out and do it
Without, without later wondering which one of us blew it
Yes and I, well I remember the first time I touched you, oh you were so true

And I gotta have your lovin', yes I, yes I
I gotta have your lovin', oh baby child
I gotta have your' lovin, yes I sure do babe
Ah even the Lord knows I do

Well I remember the first time you love me
Sure you was a young girl just fresh from schoolin'
But how on earth did you expect me to know that you was only foolin'
Ob baby you were just, you was only a lonely teenager
And I was on the hunt, and I tried to cage her
Soon as I found ya babe on the corral, you tried to get down
Oh and I wanted to surround you
But you went away from me, yes she did, oh you went away for one year
And I hadn't seen that woman so long, when
And hey, yes, I had not seen that woman so long
And one day I saw her walkin' down on the other side of the street
I said, Hey baby, there goes my baby, yes she did
And I said, and I said, I said Hey baby, what's goin' on
Won't you come back to me
And she said "uh-yh, uh-uh
I said, Hey baby

I REMEMBER is an unreleased song written by Bruce Springsteen. He performed it live with The Bruce Springsteen Band in 1971 and 1972.

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