Live 02 Nov 1984 version

[Spoken intro:] Thanks. I guess there's certain events that happen that people kind of mark their lives by. I know uh... I can remember exactly where I was. I was 13, I was in high school when John Kennedy was killed. I remember I was in gym class and somebody came running across the field and told me. And I remember where I was when uh... the day that Elvis Presley died. And uh... sometimes, sometimes a dream coming true is a dangerous thing.

Well she drew out all her money from the Southern Trust
And put her little boy on the Greyhound Bus
Leaving Memphis with a guitar in his hand
On a one-way ticket to the promised land

Well hey little girl with the red dress on
There's a party tonight down in Memphis town
I'll be going down there if you need a ride
The man on the radio says Elvis Presley's died

We drove down into Memphis, the sky was hard and black
Up over the ridge came a white Cadillac
They'd drawn out all his money and they laid him in the back
A woman cried from the roadside, "Ah he's gone, he's gone"

They found him slumped up against the drain
With a whole lot of trouble, yeah, running through his veins
Bye-bye Johnny, Johnny bye-bye
You didn't have to die, you didn't have to die

Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Train I ride, sixteen coaches long


The above lyrics are for the live 02 Nov 1984 performance of JOHNNY BYE-BYE at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA, during the Born In The U.S.A. Tour. The song was played in a full-band rock arrangement very similar to the official studio version and ending with a line from Junior Parker's (and Elvis Presley's hit) MYSTERY TRAIN.

This was the sixth of a seven-night stand at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

Ticket stub for the 02 Nov 1984 show at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA
Ticket stub for the 02 Nov 1984 show at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

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