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One, two, three, four

Been on a barbed wire highway 40 days and nights
I ain't complaining, that's my job and it suits me right
I got a sweet soft fever rushing around my head
I'm gonna sleep tonight in Maria's bed

Got on a dead man's suit and smiling skull ring
Lucky graveyard boots and a song to sing
I keep my heart in my work, my troubles in my head
And I keep my soul in Maria's bed

Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)
Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)

I been up on sugar mountain, 'cross the sweet blue seas
I walked the valley of love and tears and mystery
I got run out'a luck and gave myself up for dead
Then I drank the cool clear waters from Maria's bed

Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)
Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)

She give me candy stick kisses 'neath a wolf dog moon
One sweet breath and she'll take you, mister, to the upper room
I was burned by the angels, sold wings of lead
Then I fell in the roses and sweet salvation of Maria's bed

I been out in the desert, yeah doing my time
Sifting through the dust for fools gold, looking for a sign
Holy man said, "Hold on, brother, there's a light up ahead."
Ain't nothing like the light that shines on me in Maria's bed

Well I take my blessings at the riverhead
I'm living in the light of Maria's bed

(La la la la la...)
Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)
Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)
Hey hey!
(La la la la la...)
La la la la la...
(La la la la la...)



MARIA'S BED is a song written by Bruce Springsteen and released on his 2005 album Devils & Dust. The above lyrics are for Bruce Springsteen's album version of MARIA'S BED as released in 2005.

Composition and Recording


The lines "Got on a dead man's suit and smiling skull ring / Lucky graveyard boots and a song to sing" appear in FURTHER ON (UP THE ROAD).

On this track, Bruce Springsteen sings vocals and plays guitar and keyboards, and is accompanied by Brendan O'Brien on bass, hurdy gurdy, and tambora, Steve Jordan on drums, Soozie Tyrell on violin and background vocals, and Patti Scialfa on background vocals.

Devils & Dust

Devils & Dust is Bruce Springsteen's thirteenth studio album. It was released on 26 Apr 2005 on Columbia Records. The album was recorded between 1996 and 2004 at Thrill Hill East (Springsteen's home studio in Rumson, NJ) and Thrill Hill West (Springsteen's home studio in Los Angeles, CA). Horns and some instrument overdubbing were recorded in 2004 at Southern Tracks in Atlanta, GA. Strings were recorded in 2004 at Masterfonics in Nashville, TN.

ALL THE WAY HOME and LONG TIME COMIN' were produced by Brendan O'Brien, Bruce Springsteen, and Chuck Plotkin. The rest of the album was produced by Brendan O'Brien. All horn and string arrangements were done by Eddie Horst. BLACK COWBOYS, JESUS WAS AN ONLY SON, LEAH, and MATAMOROS BANKS were mixed by Toby Scott. The rest of the album was mixed by Brendan O'Brien. Toby Scott was the recording engineer at Thrill Hill East, Thrill Hill West, and Southern Tracks, and Nick Didia was the recording engineer at Southern Tracks and Masterphonics.

The album includes a bonus DVD featuring filmed acoustic performances of DEVILS & DUST, LONG TIME COMIN', RENO, ALL I'M THINKIN' ABOUT, and MATAMOROS BANKS, with spoken commentary on their writing and creation. They were filmed live by director Danny Clinch in February 2005 in New Jersey. The DVD also includes the full album in 5.1 surround sound and in 2-channel stereo, with lyrics to the songs accompanying the audio in a karaoke style.

Bruce Springsteen -- Devils & Dust
Bruce Springsteen -- Devils & Dust

Devils & Dust debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, becoming Springsteen's seventh number one album in the U.S. It also peaked at number one in several European countries including the UK. The album was nominated for two 2006 Grammy Awards, Best Contemporary Folk Album and Best Long Form Music Video, but failed to win.

The album features 12 tracks and clocks at 50:55. It was issued on DualDisc, CD + DVD, and LP.

Live History

In preparation for the Devils & Dust Solo Acoustic Tour, MARIA'S BED was performed during both of the tour's two public warm-up rehearsal shows that took place in April 2005 in Asbury Park. The song is also known to have been practiced during at least two of the private rehearsals that took place in March and April 2005 in Asbury Park prior to the tour's first leg.

  1. 10 Mar 2005 at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ (private rehearsal)
  2. 11 Apr 2005 at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ (private rehearsal)
  3. 21 Apr 2005 at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ (public rehearsal)
  4. 22 Apr 2005 at Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ (public rehearsal)

MARIA'S BED was performed 21 times during the Devils & Dust Solo Acoustic Tour (72 dates, April to November 2005), most of them at the beginning of the tour.

  1. 25 Apr 2005 at Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI
  2. 28 Apr 2005 at Nokia Live At Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX
  3. 30 Apr 2005 at Glendale Arena, Glendale, AZ
  4. 02 May 2005 at Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA
  5. 07 May 2005 at Colorado Convention Center Lecture Hall, Denver, CO
  6. 10 May 2005 at Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, MN
  7. 11 May 2005 at Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL
  8. 14 May 2005 at Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA
  9. 15 May 2005 at Wolstein Center At Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
  10. 17 May 2005 at Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA
  11. 27 May 2005 at Royal Albert Hall, London, England
  12. 01 Jun 2005 at Pavelló Olímpic De Badalona, Barcelona, Spain
  13. 02 Jun 2005 at Palacio De Deportes De La Comunidad De Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  14. 04 Jun 2005 at Palamalaguti, Bologna, Italy
  15. 13 Jun 2005 at Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
  16. 23 Jun 2005 at Scandinavium, Gothenberg, Sweden
  17. 18 Jul 2005 at HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY
  18. 20 Jul 2005 at Arena At Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, CT
  19. 06 Oct 2005 at Blue Cross Arena At The War Memorial, Rochester, NY
  20. 13 Nov 2005 at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
  21. 17 Nov 2005 at Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

MARIA'S BED was performed twice times during The Seeger Sessions Tour (56 dates, April to November 2006).

  1. 20 Jun 2006 at Tweeter Center At The Waterfront, Camden, NJ
  2. 24 Jun 2006 at PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

MARIA'S BED was performed once during the Wrecking Ball Tour (133 dates, March 2012 to September 2013), on 20 Jul 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The song was played in a solo acoustic guitar arrangement during the solo acoustic pre-show.

  1. 20 Jul 2013 at King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland


As far as it's known, no artist has recorded and released Bruce Springsteen's MARIA'S BED.

Available Versions

List of available versions of MARIA'S BED on this website:

MARIA'S BED [Album version]
MARIA'S BED [Live 21 Apr 2005 version]

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