My man he don't listen, he don't even care
It's like the words come out of my mouth, and disappear in thin air
He reads his newspaper or watches TV
Whatever happened to the love he swore on me

My woman don't know what she's talkin' about
The words flow like a river out of her mouth
She never stops bitchin' but she's gonna see
Who wears the pants in this romance, you know that it's me

Well there's gonna be a shootout to see who runs this show
I'm tired of your bitchin', I'm gonna let you know
But everytime I start into talking she makes me so mad
I just throw up my hands and scream

No no no no no, No no no no no
And a no no no, with a ah ah ah and a hey hey hey
why does love have to be this way, tell me mama

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