Home demo version 2

All I'm asking for is one sweet kiss
I ain't asking for your devotion – your devotion
...for is one sweet kiss
I'm not asking for your devotion go through this inspection

Well, you want protection, broken heart
Protection, baby, you can start it
Protection, baby, all you get
Protection, when you get it, well
Protection's gonna tear you apart
Protection, let a good thing start
Protection, protection's gonna break – protection's gonna break your heart


The above lyrics are for an acoustic home demo of PROTECTION recorded at Bruce Springsteen's home in Holmdel, NJ, sometime between January and June 1979. It can be found on The Lost Masters Vol. 8 (Labour Of Love) [track 02] bootleg.

Bruce Springsteen -- The Lost Masters Vol. 8 (Labour Of Love)
Bruce Springsteen -- The Lost Masters Vol. 8 (Labour Of Love)


Thanks Jake (ol'catfishinthelake at BTX and Greasy Lake) for the lyrics help.

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