One, two, three, four
Well I got a little girl down by the river
Now she keeps ??? and tight
I got a little girl, she keeps me every every night, every night

She says "I'm feeling like a wild, hands on the wheel"
She keeps me all night
??? in sight
Yes that's right

So come on, down by the river
Come on, come on
Just come on, down by the river
It's alright

Well baby, let me protect you little darling
If you let me be your man
I know if you'll just let me in
Well, every day just brings the same
Every day it brings your same games
But every night ???

Yes, come on, down by the river
Oh come on, girl, it's alright
Well, come on, down by the river
Hold tight
Big man

This song should be one verse!

A Darkness On The Edge Of Town outtake, also known as DOWN BY THE RIVER. Recorded at The Record Plant in New York City, NY, sometime between June 1977 and April 1978.

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