Hey Ma won't you give me a chance
To show you what a son your man is
Now I know that you're confused, yeah, and so alone
Oh, but that's a chance that you take
Something's gotta break

Hey I know you know just what's goin' on
But you say that's all right, that's all right
We're gonna, we're gonna let everything stay the same
You said it ain't hell that you're thinkin' of and that it don't matter, no
But you're ??? that someone might say
Something gotta break

Gather up your roses before it's too late
Don't forget to have everything that you may
By remembering now girl ???
Any excuses you make to your mind, so silently

Where does your mind come from, ah won't you tell me if it's for me
If it is then we'll ??? but ya tell me nothin's for free
But I remember that once
She left me to make her way from me
Melinda go and sell flowers
Oh how she wants real love
But she thought that she would be alone
Thought that she would be alone

Ya can't go on living life that way
End them tears that ya been cryin' girl
They are gonna drown a man one day
I know you're disillusioned at the mass hysteria, and the real
I know that something gotta break

Steel Mill 1970.

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