Studio version 3

One, two, three, four

Grain's in the field covered with tarp
Can't get a price to see my way clear
I'm sitting down at the Sugarland bar
Might as well bury my body right here

Tractors and combines out in the cold
Sheds piled high with the wheat we ain't sold
Silos filled with last year's crop
If something don't break, hey, we'll all gonna drop

Well, Ruthie's got another coming in July
Mom laying up in bed, said she want to die
Standing in the fields at night where the cold wind blows
Said, "It's time to reap what we've sown"

Pa don't say nothing except when it rains
He sits by the window listening to the sound of passing trains
Roaring out of the night carrying an empty load
We got a whole lot of grain that ain't got nowhere to go,

Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo-hoo

Well, sister, if land prices don't get no higher
We'll fill this duster with gas and set these fields on fire
Sit out on the ridge where the condor fly
And watch the flames rise up against the Sugarland sky



The above lyrics are for a Cajun style version of SUGARLAND, recorded sometime between mid-January and mid-February 1983 at Thrill Hill West, Springsteen's home studio in Los Angeles, CA. This version features variations in the third verse, "Well, Ruthie's got another coming in July..." It was released on The Lost Masters Vol. 16 (Labour Of Love) [track 06] bootleg. See the studio version 1 for more details.

Bruce Springsteen -- The Lost Masters Vol. 16 (Labour Of Love)
Bruce Springsteen -- The Lost Masters Vol. 16 (Labour Of Love)


Thanks Manuel Lázaro for the correction.


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