Live 02 Sep 1972 version

Well mama, mama, sweet mama
And I ask you, "What can I do?"
Talkin' mama, mama, sweet mama
Shake a light, and let her shine on through
'Cuz I been down to water station
And I cried when I saw them there
Yes, I been down to water station
And I asked my Janey about the past
Because I remember back then, them sweet women
Janey and me used to have our fun
Yes, I remember I'd give her all the love
Any lover man could give her
She caught a child back on the run
But then I saw the blood
The snow came pouring down

And I found my way around
And that's the night that old Janey died
And I said, "Mama tell me what"
She said, "My good son, when you're feelin' angry,
My good son, when you're feelin' blue,
You just walk to your friend, mama,
And she gonna tell ya what to do
You just sing out, you go"

Oh, sing out
[Guitar solo]

And I walked down by her station
And I got caught up, caught up in her smile
I should have known she'd really nation
But I didn't care, I just stayed and loved it a little while
Then she held her arms and she crossed, sweet tight around me
She said, "Uh huh"

She said, "Darlin' don't ya know I hear the sound sweet,
It's something I can't tell my hand
'Cuz, I hear the sound, I hear the sound around me"
And you call for another hand
"Yes, I hear the sound, I heard the sound around me."
And she called on me for another hand
She said, "When you're feelin' anger, you just sing"


THIS IS MY CONFESSION is the tentative title for a song that Bruce Springsteen is known to have performed live at least once in 1972. The song is most probably a Springsteen composition.

Live 02 Sep 1972 version

The above lyrics are for the live 02 Sep 1972 performance of THIS IS MY CONFESSION at Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ, during a guest appearance with local band Odin. Bruce Springsteen and Odin's Tom Cohen exchange guitar solos on this track.

According to Brucebase, this was a twelve hour "end of summer" outdoor show, headlined by the Tinker West managed local band Odin. Springsteen, who at this point had completed his first album but had still not put together a touring band, made an unscheduled guest appearance near the end of the show after an invitation from Tom Cohen, singing and performing several songs with the band. A soundboard tape of the entire Odin performance, including Springsteen's segment, recorded by Tinker West survives in private hands but is not in circulation.

Live History

THIS IS MY CONFESSION is known to have been performed at least once in Bruce Springsteen's early years (pre-October 1972), on 02 Sep 1972 in Highlands, NJ. Very little is known about shows from this early period, and therefore, the song may have been played on some more dates in 1972.

  1. 02 Sep 1972 at Huddy Park, Highlands, NJ (with Odin)


As far as it's known, no artist has recorded and released Bruce Springsteen's THIS IS MY CONFESSION.


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