Lucky 7's cover version

I'm driving a big lazy car rushin' up the highway in the dark
Got one hand steady on the wheel, one hand's tremblin' over my heart
It's pounding baby like it's gonna bust right on through
It ain't gonna stop till I'm alone again with you

A friend of mine became a father last night
When he spoke in his voice I could hear the light
Of the skies and the rivers, the timberwolf in the pines
And that great jukebox out on Route 39
They say he travels fastest who travels alone
But tonight I miss my girl, tonight I miss my home

Is it the sound of the leaves left blown by the wayside
That's got me out here on this old spooky highway tonight
Is it the cry of the river with the moonlight shining through
That ain't what scares me baby, what scares me is losing you

They say if you die in your dreams, you really die in your bed
But honey last night I dreamed my eyes rolled straight back in my head
And God's light came shinin' on through
I woke up in the darkness scared and breathin' and born anew
It wasn't the cold river bottom I felt rushing over me
It wasn't the bitterness of a dream that didn't come true
It wasn't the wind in the grey fields I felt rushing through my arms
No no baby, baby it was you

Hold me close honey, say you're forever mine
Tell me you'll be my lonely valentine
Lonely valentine
Lonely valentine


The above lyrics are for Lucky 7's cover version of VALENTINE'S DAY. The song was released in 2003 on the various artists tribute album Light Of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen.

Various artists -- Light Of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen
Various artists -- Light Of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen

2xCD - Schoolhouse Records (SHR0022-2) - USA, 2003
3xCD - Good Sounds (DM 797-02) - Spain, 2003
2xCD - Good Sounds (DM 797E-02) - Spain, 2003
2xCD - Revolver (REV XD244) - UK, 2004
2xCD - Sony (MHCP-928/9) - Japan, 2005
2xCD - Sony Records (MHCO 928-929) - Japan, 2007

This is a Bruce Springsteen tribute album. There are six issues of this album (with three track configurations) and this track was included on all six issues listed above.

Lucky 7's cover version of VALENTINE'S DAY was recorded by Steven Roues in October 2002 at The Mudroom. It was mixed by Gary Solomon at The Land and produced by Kenny Margolis, Billy Roues, Steven Roues and Gary Solomon. The track features Kenny Margolis on accordion and vocal, Billy Roues on acoustic guitar and vocal, Steven "Muddy" Roues on stand up bass, harmonica, and vocal, Boris Kinberg on rubboard, and Bill Rankin on drums.

Liner notes from the Light Of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen album booklet:

I first discovered Bruce Springsteen's music in 1972 when I was away from my Montclair, New Jersey home for the first extended period of time. I was going to college and living in Boston, Mass., unhappy that I hadn't been able to find the right musicians to start a band. I happened to see "Greetings From Asbury Park" in a record store, read a few positive reviews and it stayed on my turntable constantly. After my first semester, I transferred to a school in New Jersey, hooked up with musicians to form a band, and caught Bruce's shows anytime I could. I was lucky enough to see Bruce and the early E Street Band (pre-Bittan, Max, Nils) numerous times before his career exploded with "Born To Run". Bruce's music has always been a part of my live ever since. I like to re-explore his records, and lately I've been listening to "Tunnel Of Love", and "The Ghost Of Tom Joad". I suggested "Sinaloa Cowboys" to Cracker, and a zydeco waltz version of "Valentine's Day" for Lucky 7.

- Kenny Margolis
New York City, 2003

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